Professor Eun Kyung Choi

· Title 2000
· Name ekchoi  
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· 가장 많이본글 : 2009  

15th Solo Exhibition, Inchon City Hall
The Opening Commemorative Exhibition of Wing Gallery , Wing Gallery, Seoul, Korea
The Invited Exhibition of New Millenium Korea Total Art , Dong A Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Intellect and Sensibility for the 21C-Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Sense of New Millenium Art-KOEX Art Exhibition Center, Seoul, Korea
Hope of Korea in New Millennium Exhibition,National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
The Invited Exhibition of Korea Sculpture, MBC TV Broadcasting Station, Choonchen, Korea
The Invited Sculpture Exhibition, Wing Gallery,Wing Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Inchon-New Millenium Art Exhibition, Inchon Art Center, Inchon
The Installation Exhibition for 5 Artists, Wing Gallery, Seoul, Korea


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